Tour Players

“I have known David Leadbetter since he was a young boy.  He is a credit to golf.  He loves the game as much as anybody I have ever seen, and with the simplicity of the A Swing has made another great contribution to the game. David travels around the world helping people perfect their game. If there is a better teacher in golf than David, I would like to meet him.  He has taught several of the world’s number one players, the proof is in the pudding!

David, thanks for what you are doing for the greatest game in the world.”

Gary Player
165 tournament wins, 9 Majors, 9 Senior Majors and the Career Grand Slam

Lydia Ko

“It has been fun working with David. I have learnt so many new things about swing fundamentals and how the body and muscles work. I’m excited about what lies ahead, and so will you be, if you try David’s A Swing – it could really help your game.”

Lydia Ko
5-time winner on the LPGA tour, Rookie of the year 2014

“The A Swing I have worked on with David is so easy to do and repeat, and when it goes off I have a clear picture of what to do to get back on track.”

Alex Levy (France)
Two-time European Tour Winner

“My technique since working with David has improved amazingly. The A Swing is very natural, I don’t have to overthink it, and the world’s greatest golfer incorporated parts of it. I feel I can now reach my true potential as a player.”

Rafael Cabrera-Bello (Spain)
Two-time European Tour Winner

Ryan Blaum

“The A Swing is a way of swinging the club that has enabled me to play the most consistent golf of my career and I know it will allow me to play at the highest level. With my injuries over the past few years, I have not been able to practice as much as I would like. With minimal practice, my ball striking has been great. I put it down to the simple, efficient A Swing. All levels of players will benefit from the A Swing.”

Ryan Blaum Tour Player, All American College Player ­(Duke)

“I struggled towards the end of my junior golf career, but since working on the A Swing with David things have really turned around. I feel my swing is so manageable now that I only have to see David for a few minutes periodically to keep it on track. I am looking forward to a successful LPGA career.”

Simin Feng (China)
Newly Turned Professional Golfer, Winner SEC College Championship 2014

“A simple and easy way to understand and practice the Golf Swing. I wish we had figured this out years ago. The "A Swing" could change the way the Swing is taught. Anyone can do this.”

Denis Watson
11 Time tournament winner Including the World Series of Golf 1984
and the Senior PGA championship at Kiawah Island 2007

Teaching Professionals

“I’ve just finished The A Swing - finally a book that doesn't try to explain the perfect swing, but rather starts with the benefit and experience of literally decades of experience on the lesson tee and says, 'Look, here is what 95% of the golfers we see bring to the game - their limitations and tendencies if you will. Let’s start with this as the base and design something that will work with those issues AND give them a chance to hit it solid and straight faster.' Add in the fact that some of these principles in the A Swing also address issues of the games elite and you have a book that both grows the game and improves its participants - cheers to you!”

Joseph Hallett, PGA
Stacey Lewis's Coach

“I've been working on the A Swing for a few weeks now and I'm hitting it straighter and longer with ease. The students I've tried it with just love it because they see improvement faster than ever.”

Dolf Roder
Teaching Director, Coral Ridge Country Club, FL

“ I have spent over 40 years teaching golf and realize that for the average person golf is a very difficult game to play just for recreation. It's equally challenging for a golf instructor to teach a sport that could be enormously complex and to be able to teach it in a way that works. I am very excited about the A Swing because it will help both the average player, as well as, the golf professional. I believe David Leadbetter's A Swing is the best! David will challenge the norm, which is both logical and unique. I know this book will improve the average golfer and stimulate and create dialog in the teaching community. I have seen it at work and the results are amazing.”

Greg Castleman
Rancho Duarte Golf Course, CA

Amateur Golfers

“I have been a passionate, competitive senior golfer for many years, winning tournaments all over the world. When David introduced me to the A Swing with a few tournaments to go to reach the 200 mark, it made all the difference. It is so understandable and answered all my questions. My consistency has improved immensely and it makes practicing more productive. The A Swing has given me a new lease on life and I know I can still improve and hopefully win many more tournaments.”

Arlene Mckitrick
Senior Lady Golfer, Winner of Over 200 Tournaments

“I live in LA and I was visiting Florida. Having been a low-handicap player, I had been struggling with my game for many years. David looked at me for 30 minutes and gave me the gist of the A Swing—and all I can say is, it is incredible. I hit shots like I have never hit before and my friends back home can’t understand how my length and accuracy have improved. It’s different from the lessons I have taken in the past—felt a bit strange at first, but then WOW!”

Jackie Flynn
Comedian and Actor


“There is a wonderful simplicity and logic to the A Swing which produced instant results in my game, making range time meaningful and, gave my confidence a huge boost on the course in competition. One of the keys to playing better golf is ’trusting your swing’, entertaining no self doubt and with a firm conviction that it will work as required especially under pressure. The A Swing does what it says on the tin!  The scientifically proven biomechanical advantage of this swing speaks for itself, and I can say without doubt it has made the single greatest positive on my game in 40 years.”

Robin Sieger
Peak Performance Coach, and Author of the best selling Silent Mind Golf

“I am a new golfer who didn’t play a lot of ball sports growing up and I started with the A Swing. After only a few months of playing, I am part of the game, and the people I play with cannot believe how I hit the ball. The A Swing is easy to understand and the 7 minute practice plan gave me the feel for it, and being a mechanical engineer, it all makes absolute sense. All amateurs should try it.”

Pete Simonson
Novice Golfer

“I am a junior golfer who was not making much headway in the game. The A Swing gave me a plan and within a few months I went from being an 80 shooter to shooting in the 60s. I just stick to the plan and don’t deviate. I know I am going to have a successful college career and hopefully someday compete on the PGA Tour.”

Kymer Li
Junior Golfer

“As a 60+ year old golfer with a low handicap my performance had plateaued. I had taken many lessons over the years but nothing has been as logical and clear as the A Swing. The A Swing has renewed my interest in the game as it has enabled me to perform well in competition. I am hitting it longer and my shot dispersion has improved significantly. There is less stress on my body and golf is more fun. An anti-aging system if ever there was one!”

Dr. Joe Branconi
Senior Golfer

Your A Swing Testimonials

“Putting Fun back in Golf for me again”


I am a 71-year-old practicing physician who has struggled mightily to find some type of minimal consistency with my golf swing. I am an extremely frustrated 15-handicapper, (12 in high school) who purchased the “A Swing” book about one month ago. I bought it rather cynically thinking that truthfully, nothing would ever give me a chance to hit the ball farther and with any consistency. And then I actually got down to business in studying the book word for word, day in and day out, plus doing all the suggested steps of the “7-minute daily practice session”.

I am thrilled to report that measurable, qualitative improvement has begun to occur, and I no longer wait for that one decent shot for every eight swings like I used to! While I am still learning the nuances of the A Swing, it is absolutely true that it has revolutionized the quality and consistency of my golf game, and most importantly—it’s putting the fun back in golf for me again. I haven’t felt this hopeful for 30 years, but my hope is grounded in observable improvement in distance and consistency, two things I’ve considered permanently beyond my reach for many years.

So I had to tell somebody that the A Swing is truly a revolutionary and remarkable concept that has really affected both my golf game (and my whole life because of it). Of all people, I am the most amazed at the improvement, given all the other “methods” I tried year after year that never worked at all.

Thanks to you and David for offering this new swing and helping people like me to finally understand where I need to put the golf club so that I can actually hit the ball in a manner that truly makes the game fun again!  ☺ Many thanks!!

Lanny T.

United States

Thank you David!

First of all, I love golf! I`d play everyday if I could! My problem is I'm not very good :(. I am trying David's new A-Swing, and after a few weeks, and feel like I'm finally a golfer! I still have a ways to go but you have made it much easier to understand, and I'm learning faster than ever. Thank you David!

Shaun T

Recovery from Back Surgery

In 2012, I was a 12 handicap and greatly enjoyed playing golf. My lower back began to deteriorate and by 2014, my handicap was up to 18 and it was hard for me to enjoy the game. In 2015, I had back surgery which greatly improved the pain in my lower back, but when I started playing again my swing was gone even though I no longer was in pain. I tried several different swing techniques, but none with good results.

I stumbled across The A Swing around the beginning of August. I started to play a little better but continued have blow up holes which propelled me past 90. But I kept at it and shot my best round in last week in 3 years. I shot 83. My swing is much more consistent now which allows me time to practice my short game and my putting. I also don't have to worry about a horrible shot ruining my round. Even when I hit a bad shot, it is not nearly as bad as before. So I still have a chance at saving bogey.

Thanks to David for creating this relatively simple swing technique which has restored my joy of the game.

Ed R.
United States

Simply Brilliant

The A Swing is simply brilliant.
Being a weekend golfer, I was struggling to find consistency in my game. I started practicing the A Swing about 2 months ago with immediate results. What really surprised me was how simple it makes my golf swing. The results since have been amazing, and I’m more confident with my game than I have been in a long time.
I’ve played two games this year, shooting a one under 69 (45 points) and a 3 over 73 (41 points). The only time I’d shot under par previously was 30 years ago!

Leighton C


I incorporated The A Swing in January and have seen some good results in ball striking and scoring.

The explanation of the A Swing is very clear and easy to follow. From the start to the finish position of the A Swing makes a lot of sense in a way of having a compact swing with great ball striking results. Also, very easy to self correct yourself with the drills and exercises makes it easy to perform.

In my last two rounds of golf, I have shot 68 - 65 in which I had the ability to strike the ball where I wanted to and achieve good results.

If you're looking for a more consistent and easy way to swing the club, this swing could be your key to great golf.


Give it a Go

I currently play off 1 handicap and after another frustrating day on the golf course where inconsistency and destructive shots left me battling to break 80 I turned to the internet in hope of finding inspiration.

I work hard on my game trying to create consistency but various techniques and systems I have tried come with too many swing thoughts and just get in the way of playing and enjoying the game. A friend had mentioned this and as I had not seen or read about this I decided to have a look. After studying the videos on You Tube I was curious and I ordered the book which arrived last night and after reviewing the videos on you tube and working on the moves in front of a mirror ( I have swung a small club in the house for years !) I ventured to the local driving range to see whether this would work for me.

I am sure we have all been there, heading to the range with a thought or move which we hope will be the answer to years of frustration only to hit a few shots and realise its another idea that doesn't work so I made sure my hopes weren't set too high. The result was incredible from the first shot with a wedge the strike and flight of the ball was pure with little side spin and the distance was good. I worked my way through the bag up to the driver with the odd chuckle and I even had another bucket of balls just in case it was a fluke and the magic would disappear. Using my Iphone to check my progress highlighted I can still do more in terms of getting the shaft more vertical on the backswing to keep the club outside off the hands but overall the result was very impressive and very simple to achieve, less swing thoughts will hopefully let me relax remove the tension in my arms and hands and enjoy the game more.

The compact backswing puts you in the right slot to start the downswing and as your confidence builds you can turn harder on the downswing release the club and hit the ball further. The book looks excellent and I am looking forward to studying the theory, working on the drills and taking this to the golf course at the weekend. My advice to anyone having a look at the swing is give it a go, like me you could be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Chris A

Improved Enormously

I have just started using the A swing, I am 85 years of age, play off 19, the A swing has transformed my game, I think it's fantastic my ball striking has improved enormously.

Dennis H.
United Kingdom

My Customers Thank You!

Been working with the A Swing with excellent results. Everyone is complimenting my ball flight trajectory as well as my tempo and consistency. I have at least one or two customers a day asking for lessons . Thanks David!

John F.
United States

Loving the A Swing

I am a 10 handicap senior (age 69) and have played since childhood. My buddies say I'm a professional golf swing tinkerer. I have read countless golf instruction books, viewed numerous tapes and DVD's, and have tried many practice aids. I have had professional instruction also. The joke on me is that I can be one or two over on the front and tinkering with my swing on the back.

I will and have tried any "new" golf method or thought. With that I have started the study and use of David's A Swing methodology. As usual, any change starts out good (I think because there is more body awareness) and after a few weeks the band aids start to fall off. Well, David, they are not falling off and my consistency is improving daily. I am hitting the ball more solidly and further with greater consistency.

I like the "prayer grip"; it has activated my wrists, and as you say I have put "more swing in my swing". When are you bringing out the A swing for chipping and putting?

Everett U
United States

More Than Satisfied!

I have played golf for more than 10 years, and constantly struggled with the problems of repeating the swing. Now it has begun to turn in a positive direction, after practicing A Swing for the past month. Ball striking is much better, and I need to use less power, which also leads to more consistent results. The pattern of movement in A Swing is simpler and easier for everyone to repeat. I am more than satisfied!

Håkan M.

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