Within the A-Swing Online Coaching platform, you have full access to the best resources to help you learn the A-Swing, and truly simplify your golf swing. Through the help of Faults & Fixes, The All-New A-Swing Video Lesson Series, Personalized Online Coaching, and membership to the A-Swing Training Team, I guarantee you'll be playing your best golf in no time at all.

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In the A-Swing Video Lesson Series, you'll have a step-by-step plan to learn the A-Swing. I've constructed several in-depth clinics and specific drills which I believe are the easiest way to learn The A Swing, and can be a perfect complement to The A-Swing Book. From Foundations to Finish, these Video Lessons will help you execute everything you've learned in the book.

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Get 1-on-1, personalized instruction with either David Leadbetter himself ($1,299/mo.) or one of this many Leadbetter Certified Instructors ($299/mo.) through the Leadbetter Online Coaching Platform. Simply subscribe and we'll set up the rest for you.

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In the A-Swing All Access Training Team, you'll have the ability to upload your swing videos, photos, and data and receive analysis from David Leadbetter and his team of Certified Instructors and Specialists. Join the vast community of A-Swingers in getting exclusive behind-the-scenes content from David, as well as top PGA and LPGA Tour Players.

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Through this series of Faults & Fixes, David explains common issues seen with amateurs, and demonstrates how to cure them. Accompanying David with these Faults & Fixes is Web.com Tour Player Ryan Blaum.

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