Setting the Magnetic Resistance Balls

The two magnetic balls will snap when you swing the SwingSetter on the correct plane and with the correct tempo. The upper "Set" ball is involved in setting the wrists during the backswing. The lower "Release" ball has a stronger resistance in order to handle the extra speed during the downswing. Start on the lowest resistance and work your way up as you gain confidence, strength, and timing.


  • Hover the SwingSetter off the ground before swinging
  • Swing back smoothly using your core to initiate the movement
  • Make sure you hear the "Set" ball snap prior to the halfway back position, and the "Release" ball snap just past impact
  • Start off with low resistance
  • Close your eyes to feel and hear the correct positions
  • Hold the SwingSetter up right to rest the balls between each swing


  • Set the ball resistance too high, pick the number that matches your swing speed
  • Hit golf balls with the SwingSetter or hit the ground
  • Start with the SwingSetter resting on the ground
  • Hear the "Set" ball snap late on the backswing (just before halfway back is ideal)
  • Hear the "Release" ball snap before or after the impact zone



V Plane Back & Stop

V Plane Back & Down


Complete Swing Eyes Closed

Left Right Left