Plane Tape

A-Swing Certified

The Plane Tape is an ideal way to monitor your swing planes back and through and to observe head and body movement. It is easy to place on and remove from a mirror, leaving no sticky residue and it can be reused. Visual observation in a mirror with a reference (the Plane Tape) accelerates the learning process.

Starting a few feet away from the mirror, and swinging away from it, have a friend position the Plane Tape on the mirror at the same angle as your shaft at address––the original swing plane. If working on the A Swing, place a second strip angled above it as described in the A Swing instruction book. Experiment to get the tape in the correct position, and then rehearse the backswing and downswing using the / plane concept.

Facing the mirror, place a piece of tape in a vertical position to observe movement off the ball on the backswing and excessive lateral motion on the downswing. The Plane Tape provides visual feedback to make practice more productive.

Plane Tape

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