His Inspiration

When thinking about the Leadbetter Golf Academy as a whole - what David Leadbetter envisioned for the company many years ago, having the ability to transform his holistic approach to golf instruction into their own successful way of teaching, and loyalty, Paul Dyer is an instructor who ticks every box.

Dyer is a Master Certified Instructor and Director of Instruction providing golf instruction for LGA Germany and has been with Leadbetter Golf Academy (LGA) for almost 25 years – celebrating his anniversary in September of 2018.

As a child, Nick Faldo was his golfing idol – he would watch him play in the 80’s and 90’s in awe of his swing and how strategic he was on-course. Years later when Dyer began playing in small PGA events, he started getting golf instruction from Faldo’s instructor, David Leadbetter and the two developed a strong, personal relationship. One day they attended a European Tour event together in the UK, where Dyer had the rare and exciting opportunity to walk around with Leadbetter, Faldo, and several other players and experience what it felt like to be inside the ropes.

After Dyer attended the European Tour event in 1993, he knew he was destined to become an LGA instructor and underwent full certification beginning in September of 1993. Fast forward 25 years later and Dyer remains one of the most prestigious instructors at LGA.

His Path To Success Through Golf Instruction

Leadbetter is not only known for his exceptional approach to golf instruction but also his detailed and thorough LGA certification program. One thing that fascinates him about the certification program is following up with instructors years later and learning what they have done to transform his approach to instruction and mold it into their very own, unique teaching style.

Every Leadbetter instructor is distinct in the way they provide golf lessons – and Dyer’s story stems from years ago when he began teaching a man from Boston.

He explains that he met his student by chance on the range one day when he noticed the student was experiencing difficulties with his slice. They spoke for a bit, introduced themselves and ended up agreeing to lessons three times per week for the whole summer.

The summer flew by and as the lessons progressed Dyer noticed that his student wasn't showing any improvement to his score. He went back and analyzed his teachings - trying to figure out what he was missing. At a loss, he decided to take his student to the course. Then, the truth set in. His student had an awful case of the putting and chipping yips!

Lesson Learned

This experience allowed Dyer to determine how he would transform his teaching style completely – ensuring that he would take every student out on the course and play a couple of holes to truly determine where their true faults lie.

Dyer says, “taking students on the course is what makes a coach truly holistic. You can analyze their short game, putting, strategy, equipment and so on, but the faults always arise on the course. Once you take them out to play a couple of holes, that’s when you can determine how you want to proceed with instruction.”

Leadbetter is famous for his quote, “those who dare to teach never cease to learn”. While Dyer continually works to improve his golf lesson and teaching strategy by discovering new opportunities online and achieving certifications such as Trackman and BodiTrak, he is continually finding new opportunities to enhance his career.

Dyer says, “beyond finding new teaching methods online, expanding my knowledge of golf instruction also means reading and listening to business and thought leaders to see how I can improve overall. I listen to podcasts often and enjoy reading books written by successful businessmen. Richard Branson and Gary Vaynerchuk are two people who consistently inspire me to be the best I can be.


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