Ajira Nualraksa, Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy Bangkok instructor, is a seasoned veteran in the golf industry. Although her coaching career just began in October of 2018, she has been playing since she was a young girl. Ever since she was 13, Ajira remembers looking up to world-renowned instructor, David Leadbetter. She would spend time watching the top LPGA players taking golf lessons with Leadbetter, quickly climbing to the top to the top of rankings under his guidance.

Ajira Golf Instructor


Ajira took golf lessons as a young girl and her passion continually grew for the sport as she grew older. She knew that when she was done with her playing career, she wanted to help others develop the same love for the game that she did. All too often, you’ll see a young player put their heart and soul into the sport only to lose interest. As a professional player from 2009-2018 playing on numerous Tours including China, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippians and Asia Tours, Ajira knows what it take to be successful in the industry and wants to help nurture the next generation to continue to love the game for years to come.

Ajira Bangkok Instructor


Ajira aspires to teach more than just golf lessons. She is a female force to be reckoned with as she begins her coaching career at a young age with a fire burning beneath her to inspire many students. She is excited to grow the Leadbetter Kids and the Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy programs in Bangkok using Leadbetter’s holistic approach to the game.

Ajira LGA Bangkok


Ajira grew up in the industry and spent all her years watching numerous academies try to make a name for themselves throughout the world. Leadbetter Golf Academy (LGA) rose up among others throughout the years thanks to their holistic approach to instruction and certification program.

“LGA is a business that not only builds strong players, but they work to build the love of the game worldwide, train students on the mental side of the game, improve their fitness, and so on. They really work to achieve the ‘holistic’ approach, building a player to their full potential,” said Ajira.

“I saw LGA as an unstoppable business. The whole package, really. You don’t go to LGA for simply golf lessons, you go to LGA to grow as a player. I don’t know of any other academy worldwide that offers the holistic approach to golf instruction in the way that LGA does.”

Her long-term goals? Perhaps making the list of the 50 Best LPGA Teachers. We anticipate a bright future for Ajira and she aspires to grow the love of the game starting with the next generation of female greats.

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