What is a SportsSense evaluation? 

SportsSense accurately uses cognitive neuroscience to measure the instincts of individuals who perform in sport.

Through their groundbreaking technology, SportsSense establishes a new set of sports performance criteria completely independent of a players physical abilities, personality and IQ. The evaluation adapts some of the most established cognitive processes and measures the results to accurately produce useful information for all athletes and coaches. The test consists of eight sections, each testing the players split-second decisions to analyze how their brain performs under pressure. Coaches are able to take the results of the test and translate it into a customized training plan, focusing on the players weaknesses, to help enhance their training.

SportsSense results can be used in golf for:

  • Discovering why players make certain mental mistakes or why they are especially skilled in making split-second decisions in game situations.
  • Examining a player's potential for learning on the go.
  • Increasing coaching efficiency by identifying players weaknesses early
  • Allowing coaches to develop customized training strategies to overcome or compensate for a players weaknesses.

The SportsSense evaluation can be paired with any lesson programming or taken on its own. To learn more about SportsSense prior to booking, visit their website.



40-minute Evaluation Only (includes test and report, no instructor lesson feedback) $225 per student
2-hour Evaluation (includes test, report and one-hour lesson with instructor applying test results to holistic lesson plan) $350 per student



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