Whether you are a recreational or tournament golfer, recognizing the importance of having your mind in the correct place is crucial to optimal and consistent performance. Under the guidance and tutelage of LGA Sport Psychologist, Dr. Bob Winters, you can achieve superior play if you dedicate yourself to his innovative and simple approach to the mental side of golf.

Recognized as the leading applied golf psychologist and sport scientist in the world, Dr. Winters will help you travel through the hazards of failure and embarrassment to the pinnacles of superior golf performance.

Sports Psychologist and Performance Consultant

Dr. Robert K. Winters is an internationally renowned sport psychologist, author, professional speaker, and President of Mindpower Sports. Dr. Winters completed his Ph.D. degree in Sport Psychology at The University of Virginia within the Curry School of Education. His major academic areas focused on confidence, performance achievement, counseling, and educational research. Dr. Winters has spent the past 25 years investigating how thoughts and attitudes affect one's ability to perform to an optimal talent level. Dr. Winters is best known for his applied work in helping world-class athletes, collegiate teams, and business executives attain confidence, team cohesion, and the psychology of peak performance and achievement. He is a former touring professional golfer and collegiate golf coach and he studied sports vision and sports medicine procedures during the early part of his professional training.


1-Hour Mental Toughness Training Session $225
2-Hour V.I.P. Putting Training Program $300
18-Hole Mental Strategy Training Sessiona $1,050

Golf instruction with Dr. Bob Winters

When he’s not busy instructing players on the finer techniques of golf, Dr. Winters can occasionally be found sharing his expertise online. Below are just a few examples.

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