A great swing comes down to efficient, well-timed movement throughout the body over the whole course of the swing. Restrictions, weakness, or imbalances in one part of the body can cause a chain reaction of poor movement patterns that can result in a mishit, inconsistent swing, or potential injury. The Leadbetter Performance Program can not only identify these weaknesses but prescribe exercises to correct and strengthen them to create efficiency and consistency in your swing. Our Performance Program is designed to get you moving better, playing longer, and staying healthier.

All training programs begin with an evaluation to identify weaknesses, imbalances, and misalignments in the body. Based on this evaluation, a program is built specifically for you to correct any issues found, while increasing strength, stability, and mobility throughout the body. Our goal is to increase stability and movement efficiency throughout your swing, while preventing injury in the process. Whether you are interested in a single corrective session or a long term training plan, programs can be customized to fit your training needs and goals. Upon completion of your first session, online options are available to allow you to continue your training wherever you are.


Adult Performance Screening $175 Comprehensive Overview
Adult Performance Session $150 Package of 6: $650
12 & Under Performance Session $95
13-18 Performance Session $125 Package of 6: $600
Retreat Performance Session $150

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