Nearly every golfer has experienced at one point or another that feeling when the golf swing seems so simple, why you can’t you just do it like that all the time! However, that feeling of simplicity, that feeling of fluidity, of time slowing down, of the mind quieting and the effortlessness it takes to swing exactly the way you wanted to seems to come and go with every shot. What if there was a way to access that feeling more consistently? What if there was a way to bring out your best swing every time? The Fluid Motion Factor will teach you how to do just that.

What is the Fluid Motion Factor?

The Fluid Motion Factor is a revolutionary golf program that teaches golfers how to consistently access their best golf swing. Over the past 38 years, Steven Yellin has developed a program that teaches golfers of all skill levels how to access the fluidity and effortlessness that comes along with being “in the zone.” The Fluid Motion Factor is not a lesson in sports psychology. Emotion, visualization, confidence, and belief have nothing to do with it. It is simply a lesson in accessing the process in your mind that allows you to use what you already own and create a more consistent golf game.

 Available Programs

e-Learning Program

  • Access to 24 four-to-seven-minute videos $575
  • Access the 24 videos PLUS have five one-on-one lessons $975
  • Access the 24 videos PLUS have ten one-on-one lessons $1,475

Three-Hour "In the Zone" Clinic

  • Up to Two People     $775 per person

One-Day "Own the Zone" Clinic

  • Private Session         $1,500 per person

Two Day "Own The Zone" Clinic (includes three months of follow-up)

  • Up to Four People     $2,600 per person (unlimited follow-up for three months)


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