Greg Weston

Originally, from Akron, Ohio Greg began playing golf at the age of 15 and after a successful junior golf career, attended the University of Akron from 1991-1994 until he accepted the job as Director of Instruction at American Sports in Toledo, Ohio.

In 1995 Greg took a position in a little warmer climate, Naples, Florida, and he and Michelle, his wife of 19 years, have called the tropical paradise home ever since.

In 1999 he was elected as a Class A PGA Member and for the next 15 years, he has consistently worked to hone his craft as an instructor. Since becoming a Class A Professional, Greg has been a part three well respected, private clubs in Naples as an Assistant, Head Professional and Director of Instruction.

In 2000 and 2001, Greg played on mini-tours where he was first introduced to the David Leadbetter style of instruction. After his playing career ended, he went back to his first love of teaching.

Greg is now the Academy Director of The Leadbetter Golf Academy at the exclusive LaPlaya Golf Club in Naples, Florida. The Naples Academy has been a staple in South Florida golf instruction for over 20 years all the while successfully working with students of all ages and abilities.

Get to know Greg Weston

  • When was the first time you picked up a club? I was 15 and found out that I couldn't play football in high school, so I decided to try golf as it was a Fall sport. It was a good decision.
  • Who is your golf idol? Swing-wise, Fred Couples; as a person and ambassador for the game, Arnold Palmer.
  • Who would you most like to give a lesson? My Dad. He is now retired, has time for golf and needs a whole bunch of help.
  • What is your favorite training aid or drill? Walkthrough Drill. It helps almost everyone, with nearly immediate improvement, how to transfer weight to the front leg on the downswing while helping to shallow the club shaft during the transition from the backswing to the downswing.
  • What is one rule change you would make to golf? Tamping down spike marks. It is no longer so much of an issue, but has been replaced by the soft spike shuffle.
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