Oxford Golf Resort, Voted No.1 Golf course in India by Asian Golf Monthly is a quintessential private club spread across 150 acres, offers a range of hand-picked amenities to suit your lifestyle. With a picturesque golf course, a fully-equipped 42-bay Leadbetter Golf Academy and an assortment of adventure activities, we ensure you a world-class experience. Top it all off with classic chalets and tents for an overnight stay and there you have quality resort living! Oxford Golf Resort is the No. 1 leisure destination in India. 


Private Lessons

1-hour, one-on-one instruction, or a two person sharing lesson where the coaching needs are tailored to each student. Individual One-Hour Private Sessions are perfect for refining any single aspect of your game, choose to work on your long or short game.

"Evolve" Development Packages

Commit to your golf development by subscribing to a personalized long-term coaching process. Our Evolve package helps identify your weaknesses and provides you with a long-term solution for better golf.

*12 hours over 3 months

Full Day "Tour Experience"

The ultimate in private instruction days. Start your day with a 9 hole playing evaluation with our certified instructor taking you through course management skills whilst also assessing your game where it counts. Once we have seen your play we head back to the range to implement a training plan to help you improve your weak areas while using the very latest in technology. Get a take-home practice plan and lesson summary to keep you improving for the future

*9 hole Session followed by Lesson Tee (5 hours)



A unique fast track in learning experiences. Our Express school features groups of 2 to 4 persons. With 2.5 hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the afternoon session, we cover but long and short game aspects. Utilizing the latest in technology our instructors create a personal blueprint for success for each student in a fun learning environment

*Total of 5 Hours

Beginner "EXPRESS"

A perfect way to start golf by learning the fundamentals in groups of 2 to 4 persons. With either 2.5 hours in the morning or 2.5 hours in the afternoon session, we cover the full swing, short game and the rules and etiquette of golf. Get your golf career started in the best possible way!

*Total of 5 Hours

Team Coaching - Bespoke Group

Teams (INTERNATIONAL, Regional, club or even other sports) will have the opportunity to train as a team as well as receive a comprehensive analysis of full-swing, short game, and putting fundamentals. The Leadbetter instruction staff will be involved in every facet of the golf school implementing team bonding challenges and exercises and new drills for your team. The Resort also boasts outdoor activities that help with team bonding, communication, and cohesion

*We recommend each team has 6-12 players, a minimum of 6 players per team is required.


Junior Performance Camps (Elite)

This intensive 5-day residential program (40hrs total) combines instruction and coaching in all aspects of the game with the very latest in technology. Featuring technical skill development, innovative swing drills, comprehensive fitness and strength programs, mental conditioning and course management sessions this is the ultimate in player development academies. Running both “Elite and 10 handicap plus” camps during the holidays

*5 Days / 8 hours daily

Junior "Satellite" Programs (Elite)

A 12-month long-term program providing continuous support for each student's development goals. Over the course of the year, students are able to have 12 days of 4-hours of instruction daily, setting up a personal blueprint for success and improvement. With unlimited online support from our coach, stay connected whether at home or away at a tournament. Send your swings for analysis or for a simple conversation for encouragement we are with you throughout. 

*48+ hours

Junior "Get Golf Ready" Camps (New to Golf)

Our instructors introduce the game of golf in fun and nurturing environment. The camp is broken down into segments that change every fifteen minutes that keeps the camp informative, challenging and fast paced. Instruction, athletic development, fun contests and life skills make up the core curriculum without intimidation allowing each kid to learn the fundamentals of the game.

*Camp includes other adventure activities in addition to golf at the resort.

*Monday to Friday

Eagle Group 12- 17yrs / 2 hours daily

Birdie Group 7 -11yrs / 45mins daily


VIP Membership

Presidents Card:  Prepaid 50hrs private lessons – company logo displayed during sessions. Valid for 1 year. 

Royale Club CardPrepaid 50hrs group lessons for company staff – company logo displayed during sessions. Valid for 1 year.

Senior Certified Instructors at this Academy

    Laurence Brotheridge