The Leadbetter Indoor Golf Academy Bangkok is situated in the heart of Sukhumvit, Bangkok at the five-star Marriott Hotel and Executive Serviced Apartments on Sukhumvit Soi 24.

The Academy has twelve certified instructors and instruction can be given in English, Thai and Japanese. The academy has twelve golf simulator indoor hitting bays equipped with the latest teaching and training technologies such as Trackman, GC2s, Sam PuttLab, BodiTrack and video replay for every swing. The academy property also includes a state of the art fitness center, outdoor short-game area, and a corporate event zone.



Bangkok has fast become one of Asia’s most vibrant cities and Thailand has long been a world-class golfing destination. The Sukhumvit area in the center of Bangkok is also known for high-end shopping malls, hundreds of outstanding restaurants and many four and five-star hotels.

At the Leadbetter Indoor Academy in Bangkok you will enjoy attentive service, warm hospitality and the latest, PGA Tour proven Leadbetter golf teaching methods including video analysis of every swing. Our Academy caters to helping golfers of all levels, from total beginners to tour professionals. We offer a variety of lesson and membership packages, including group classes, women’s groups lessons, junior program, bespoke stay and play packages and intensive 5 and 7 days improvement programs.

Come visit one of the world’s finest cities and learn golf at one of the world’s finest golf academies. We will definitely help improve your golf game and make your experience enjoyable and memorable for years to come!



Leadbetter Academy Bangkok Thailand



(Including total beginners)

  • Introduction to the game, the equipment, rules and etiquette.
  • Swing Fundamentals and proper foundation (Grip, Aim, Stance, Posture)
  • Swing Motion and proper sequence and related ball flight laws (Clubface, Club Path Angle of Attack)
  • Chipping, pitching and bunkers: techniques and practice drills
  • Putting fundamentals, alignment and speed


  • Review of pre-swing fundamentals and ball flight laws
  • Balance and body movement and proper sequence drills using the Boditrak and K-Vest technology
  • Golf Swing video analysis and recommended drills for swing improvements
  • Chipping, pitching, bunkers and putting: technique, distance control and practice drills
  • On-course session with PGA Professional for course management and mental preparation to lower scores


  • Trackman Combine and Dave Pelz tests to establish your handicap in each area of the game
  • BodiTrak & K-Vest training to establish your weight shift patterns and proper transition sequence
  • Full equipment check and custom fitting with Trackman Optimizer and Titleist Certified Club Fitter
  • Sam PuttLab Putting analysis, drills and Aimpoint Express Green Reading System training and techniques
  • On-course lesson and coaching: pre-round mental preparation, course management, short game drills and practice techniques

SAM Putt Lab


Certified Instructors at this Academy

    Richard Spence