The Leadbetter Kids World Headquarters - ChampionsGate

Welcome to the World Headquarters for Leadbetter Kids! As the crown jewel of our 37 golf academies worldwide, LGA at ChampionsGate offers the very finest learning and practice facilities to help students "Build a Lifelong Game." Our Leadbetter Kids programming is a unique offering that offers children ages 3-12 learn the sport of a lifetime.

About Leadbetter Kids

Leadbetter Kids classes teach children ages 3-12 physical, mental, and social skills through combined activity stations of golf fundamentals, basic English skills, and other important Life Skills training and learning, all in a fun and safe environment.

Leadbetter Kids is an “experiential learning” environment where children learn subconsciously by replicating real-life situations and interactions with other children and adults.

Our goal is to develop healthy, active, and self-motivated children, and teach them the skills to become future champions in golf and life.

A Message From David Leadbetter

“I am so very happy to introduce our newest program, Leadbetter Kids! We have taken the experience from my 35 years of teaching golf to children and created an industry-leading educational program that uses golf to teach kids confidence, self-esteem, important life skills, fitness, communication skills and much more in a fun and safe environment.

We believe Leadbetter Kids will have a positive impact on young kids worldwide and welcome you to be a part of this exciting program.”

Our Upcoming Programming:

Summer Camps | Demo Days | Fall Series